Aurium Holdings

The story of a business turnaround. A film for the Telegraph Business Club on this impressive luxury jewelers.
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CHALLENGE: To tell a story for The Telegraph Business Club focusing on how Aurum Holdings focused its business, instilled clear direction and strategy and as a result quadrupled its profit in four years.

ACTION: Before filming, we spoke in depth to CEO Justin Stead in order to fully understand the business turnaround that he had implemented. Filming needed to reflect several brands and we decided on the best way to cover all locations across London within one day. Filming was a success and we were able to draw all of the material together to paint a picture of the company.


The story behind the tragedy. A short documentary on the forensics business.
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CHALLENGE: To make this Telegraph Business Club documentary, we needed to really get an in depth understanding of the difference forensic investigation can make.

ACTION: We examined the compelling story of the Potter’s Bar rail tragedy as a sub narrative for the film. This allowed us to explore the importance of Hawkins as a business and how their professionalism makes a real difference. Sourcing archive material and new footage, the film weaves together diverse elements into a coherent and interesting business story.

Bristol Grammar

An inspiring film profiling Bristol Grammar School
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CHALLENGE: How do schools stand out from one another? We were asked to profile Bristol Grammar School, highlighting its core values and showing what makes it special and the opportunities that it delivers for its children

ACTION: Following detailed preparation, we spent a day filming throughout the school, talking to teachers, parents and pupils, gathering a variety of footage to build an inspiring film. We worked together with the leadership team to create a compelling narrative, presenting all of the school’s core messages through memorable visuals and compelling interviews.

Hickman and Rose

The truth behind the headlines. A profile on a lawyers firm presenting some revealing truths.
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CHALLENGE: We were asked to make this film as a documentary style feature for The Lawyer Awards 2010 on behalf of TRACC films. Clearly representing any law firm though narrative presents a challenge, as cases are confidential and there are many sensitivities.

ACTION: Following collaborative work with the firm, we were able to identify an interesting storyline to follow and brought this to life using archive and carefully shot and directed interviews.

Solaire Direct

A profile, produced for the European Business Awards, of France’s largest solar power producer.
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CHALLENGE: To tell the story behind  how a company that has been around for only five years can hit a turnover of more than €200 million. The business is HQ in France and we needed to organise filming to incorporate existing footage from solar sites around the world with newly shot interview footage.

ACTION: Through detailed communication and conference calls, we determined the storyline for this film. We took time to understand the core messages that the business wished to represent and interwove them into an interesting narrative.

Broadcast TV Docos

A compilation of films made for ITV current affairs strands.
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A selection of material from various documentaries produced for ITV.

Philippa Reports

A showreel of some of Philippa’s broadcast credits.
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Excerpts from Philippa’s television reports and documentaries.