CBS Outdoor

A promotional sizzle film conveying both mood and emotion and information, created to capture moments when people and the media around them connect.
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CHALLENGE: To make a film for the leading outdoor advertising agency in the UK. It needed to showcase the large and diverse audience that CBS reaches, illustrating different locations, audiences, sectors, mediums and capture moments when people and the surrounding media connect.

ACTION: Filmed across the UK and Europe, we spent time gathering high quality footage of real people reacting to the media. This involved patience and insight. We then worked closely with the client to put together a sizzle film conveying both emotion and information.

Hallgrove School

A film capturing the adventures of learning.
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CHALLENGE: To show what makes Hallgrove School so special. This film needed to capture a combination of family values and modern facilities and explain why giving children freedom and adventure, together with guidance and encouragement, is the best foundation for learning.

SOLUTION: After indepth discussions with the school, we decided that two days of filming at the it’s Surrey location and at its regular outward bound fieldwork facility in Devon, would capture a full picture. Structuring filming to capture a variety of activities and interviews gave us plenty of quality material so that we could bring the school’s values to life.

Into Somerset

Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden provides a powerful testimonial.
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CHALLENGE: We were asked to make a film to convey the wealth of work that Into Somerset does to support businesses, as well as showing the benefits of the location to business. The challenge was to film the breadth of involvement across the county illustrate the difference it makes.

ACTION: Together with the client, we identified potential case studies and organised a full filming day to capture material and interviews that convey the true value of the county for businesses. The film features on The Telegraph Business Club pages.

JDR Cable Systems

The power of film to showcase business, featured on The Wall Street Journal
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CHALLENGE: We were asked to produce this film on behalf of TRACC Films to convey the interesting business story  behind JDR Cable Systems’ success. The film features on both The Wall Street Journal and Telegraph Business Club sites.

ACTION: The film explores  how vision and timing have been critical to the company’s success. Discussion with JDR highlighted the importance of high quality through every aspect of the business and it was important for the film to reflect this.  Shot in HD over one day and incorporating aerials and interview footage from The States, it showcases both the impressive scale and strategic insight of the company’s operations.

Girl’s Day School Trust

Insights into an organisation of twenty six schools, brought together in one compelling film.
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CHALLENGE: GDST represents 26 girls schools and this film needed to represent them all and convey why the organisation is a pioneer in educating young women. With three days filming at different sites, we were asked to produce an overarching film for GDST as well as an individual film for one of the schools.

ACTION: Organisation was the key to success in making these films successful. We worked hard to ensure we understood fully the messages that GDST wished to convey and then recommended how we should approach filming. Carefully arranged logistics were important to cover a large number of interviews and gather a variety of shots to represent the diversity of offering. Having gathered so much quality material, we decided that no voice over would be required, with interviews telling the story.


Flying high with this Slovenian company for the European Business Awards.
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CHALLENGE: Filmed in Slovenia across one day, this short business documentary was produced for the European Business Awards 2010. Following lengthy discussions with Pipistrel we recommended the nature of imagery required to make this an interesting watch.

ACTION: Sourcing pre-existing flight shots and combining them with our own interviews and manufacturing footage created a film that both shows and describes the business approach that led to this company’s success.

Portmeirion Group

A short form documentary about the company behind leading British brands Spode, Royal Worcester and Pimpernel
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CHALLENGE: To make a short form documentary about Portmeirion Group, a leading in Great British world famous brands such as Spode, Royal Worcester and Pimpernel. The film narrative needed to focus on both the business strategy and approach, whilst drawing on the compelling story  of the pottery.

ACTION: We focused on the story of Portmeirion for the underlying narrative of the film, whilst integrating the crucial business messages that the company wished to convey. During one day of filming, we concentrated on capturing all of the major brands, together with details from design, manufacture and sales. The result a film that tells a story and acts as a powerful endorsement.

Lucy Richardson

Finding out what makes this property search company really tick.
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CHALLENGE: To make a film for The Telegraph Business Club, to present a third party journalistic view of the work of Lucy Richardson’s property search company.

ACTION: In preparing to produce this documentary, we discussed in detail with the client the core messages and content that needed to be conveyed. From this starting point, we created a narrative and made recommendations for filming and interviews to illustrate both the key strategies of the company and the reputation that supersedes it. The project involved  one day of filming in central London.

Quadpack IS

A quirky film that helps employees gets the message across.
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CHALLENGE: This client wanted an additional film to convey its brand proposition in a fun way and asked if we could use the time already allocated to making a business documentary to also achieve this.

ACTION:  Whilst filming for the business doco, we encouraged employees to explain in their own language what the business is. We decided not to pretend that they were professional presenters or make them try to be. Instead, the film is a genuine reflection of the personality of the company.

CHS Creative

Inspirational scenery and compelling case studies tell the story for this Telegraph Business Club film.
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CHALLENGE: To produce a film for the Telegraph Business Club showcasing the dynamic nature CHS Creative. The company was keen to show that it is more than just an office based creative and wanted to illustrate how it stands out both in the way that it works and the personality of the team.

ACTION: The film draws on three case studies to explore how the CHS takes on marketing challenges and most importantly gets results and exceeds its clients’ expectations. Filmed within one day, through interviews and testimonials it conveys what makes CHS Creative different from other agencies. We drew on the stunning coastal location of Christchurch in Dorset for inspiring imagery.

Visit Britain

After the incredible success of the London Olympics, how is Visit Britain capitalising on that momentum. A film produced for the Telegraph Business Club
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CHALLENGE: In 2013 Visit Britain wanted a film illustrate the value of inbound tourism to Britain and the important role that the organisation is playing in marketing Britain as a tourism destination to the rest of the world and building the value of this important industry.

ACTION: We took time to understand Visit Britain and what it wished to accomplish through the film. We then translated this into a wish list of footage, much of which was available through the organisation’s own archive. It was important to the story to weave in facts and figures whilst maintaining an interesting narrative.

Cornwall Solar Panels

Testimonial films that let real customers give their honest views.
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CHALLENGE: When Cornwall Solar Panels asked us if it was possible to make 6 separate testimonial films, shot at customer locations around the county and filmed in one day, our answer was simple. Yes

ACTION: Together with Cornwall Solar, we planned clear outlines for each testimonial story so that we were clear from the outset the different messages each film would reflect. We organised a full filming day, planing around travel times and clients availability. The result: six films that act as a powerful endorsement for the company.


A short business doco that puts a spring in the step of the The Telegraph Business Club
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CHALLENGE: To tell the story of the origins and growth of International Dance Supplies, a business which was inspired by a single problem with the fit of leotards that has gone on to become a leader in the supply of dancewear.

ACTION: After detailed discussion with IDS, we decided that the film should explore a personal story as well as a business one. It focuses on how Anne Walker, a dance teacher herself, solved a problem for other teachers by making the garments herself and went on to help thousands more dancers and dance teachers by supplying them with top quality garments. It examines the company’s  strategy and success in breaking America and uncover why it is so well placed for the future.


Once upon a time there was a family run chocolate and confectionary business from Malta.....
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CHALLENGE: The business is based in Malta and within  two days of filming we needed to convey the storyline that we have identified, of a family firm that has thrived despite challenges.

ACTION: We took time to understand this company and importantly the people involved, meaning that interviews were engaging and relaxed. Gathering all of the material required good planning and organisation. The result is one that we are proud of, especially in telling both a personal and business story.