Genuinely impressive storytelling

“Text 100 used Philippa to create a short corporate video on its website. We were genuinely impressed by her ability to take a series of fragmented ideas, footage and interviews and mould them into a clean, logical editorial piece. She enabled us to tell exactly the story we wanted the world to know”
Andrew McGregor, Business and Communications Executive, Text 100

Bringing schools to life

“As the leading network of independent girls’ schools in the UK, creating our first GDST film to promote our 24 schools and two academies was going to be a challenge!  Philippa and Chris made the challenge enjoyable, stress-free and exciting. Prior to filming, Philippa spent a lot of time talking to us to fully understand the organisation and the GDST ethos.  During filming, both Philippa and Chris were well prepared and really engaged with our students, their parents and staff, who in turn responded well to their unobtrusive relaxed manner. At the editing stage, our requests were heard and acted upon, resulting ina film which we have used extensively, receiving a terrific response from our stakeholders.It was a pleasure to work with Philippa and Chris on this project.”
Girls’ Days School Trust

Taking the media by storm

“Working with Philippa and Chris at IWATCHMEDIA has transformed ShelterBox’s media training in a professional and structured session. ShelterBox Response Team members by working with IWATCHMEDIA have gained a unique insight to the world of news and media. We’re very grateful to IWATCHMEDA for the invaluable time they have given us in preparation for facing the press.”

Success with the Telegraph Business Club

“We have been working with Philippa for 3 years. During this time, she has directed and edited over 40 of our films. Her experience and energy have contributed greatly to the quality of our films and she is incredibly easy to work with. Our films are predominantly about businesses and the strategies behind their success. The nuances and intricacies of many of the businesses can be difficult to understand, however, Philippa has been able to demonstrate great skill in unravelling these complex messages and then translating them into powerful and engaging films that audiences want to watch. Equally as impressive are Philippa’s skills in writing well balanced scripts that compliment the story and her ability to manage our clients through the production process. Philippa is a top rate Director with exemplary journalistic talent that most certainly singles her out.”

Paul Richards, Managing Director Tracc Films (Telegraph Business Club Films)